With school violence a growing concern among parents and educators, Hosanna Christian Academy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is becoming the latest school to rely on Athena Weapons Detection System for campus safety.

Why is weapon detection important?

The company’s frictionless systems have a slim footprint and screen students as they enter the building, allowing traffic flow as normal. The system is able to differentiate between mass casualty weapons and harmless personal items.

It also sends an alert to those who need it – in security operation centers, mobile phone app, video management system (VMS), access control and integrated with other business software. The system is built to detect a wide range of mass casualty weapons and passes the Federal Standard for accuracy, but is 10x faster than legacy metal detectors. Detection System For Weapons uses a combination of magnetometer, induction, lidar, and thermal technology to accurately distinguish between mass casualty guns and harmless personal items such as phones, keys, watches, belts, and metal water bottles. It can be used in schools, hospitals, airports and other sensitive areas that require accurate threat detection with a high degree of privacy.

A new AI-based weapon detection system is aiming to help keep our cities safer. Athena’s solution, which was first piloted at Archbishop Wood High School in Warminster, Pennsylvania, has the potential to help police and medics respond more quickly and effectively.

In addition to being a great deterrent, the system is also designed to be an early-warning tool that will stop threats at their earliest stage.