In order to fajas colombianas near me the effectiveness of a Faja Colombiana and achieve your waist-shaping goals, it’s important that you follow the washing and care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Regular cleaning and maintenance will prevent the buildup of sweat and odor within the garment and keep it looking fresh.

Curves Around the Corner: Finding the Best Fajas Colombianas Near You

It’s generally recommended that you hand wash your faja rather than machine-washing it, as this will help to preserve the fabric and structure of the garment. Start by filling a basin or sink with lukewarm water, and add a small amount of mild detergent. Gently agitate the soapy water and pay special attention to areas where sweat or dirt has built up. When finished, gently rinse the Faja with a little cool water to make sure that all of the soap is removed.

While Fajas Colombianas were originally designed as post-surgical shapewear to wear after liposuction, augmentation mammoplasty and mastectomy, today they are worn for a wide variety of purposes. Many women wear them under their favorite sundresses or evening dresses for a sleek, curve-enhancing look. And they are also used as postpartum shapewear for new moms who want to lose their baby weight and regain confidence in their bodies after childbirth. In addition, a few types of fajas are designed to be worn as sports girdles for the gym, and some are even thermogenic, helping you burn calories while working out. When purchasing a faja, it’s important to consider your goals and expectations so that you choose the right size and compression level.