email risk assessment refers to the identification of threats and vulnerabilities related to the use of email as a communication medium. These risks can include unauthorized access to email content and attachments that contain malware or viruses, which can lead to data breaches, loss of sensitive information, and financial losses. Inadequate email security measures can exacerbate these risks by making them easier to execute and target more widely.

Email Risk Assessment

To mitigate these risks, organizations can employ a variety of email security tools to detect and respond to new and emerging attacks. These tools can help strengthen defenses and prevent the loss of critical information and resources. However, choosing the right tool is essential for success. Organizations must carefully consider features, compatibility, reliability, accuracy, cost, maintenance and support when selecting a tool. They should also regularly assess the effectiveness of their current protections by updating them, implementing new controls, and identifying areas for improvement.

OPSWAT offers an email risk assessment that provides actionable insights for organizations to strengthen their defenses and protect against advanced threats. The assessment runs seamlessly in the background without interrupting normal email operations, and results are delivered within just two weeks. This quick turnaround time enables organizations to take immediate action to protect against the latest threats.

In addition to email risk assessment, IPQS provides a range of other services for the most comprehensive approach to online fraud prevention. These include ecommerce fraud prevention, identity verification and validation, as well as transaction and payment fraud scoring. This helps businesses evade ever-evolving fraud tactics, spot suspicious transactions and approve orders faster—without adding friction to the customer experience.