how much does a wedding officiant cost

If you’re having a friend or relative officiate your wedding, it’s common to thank them for their time and effort with a small monetary tip or gift. However, how much you should give them depends on your relationship. In this article, we’ll discuss how much does a wedding officiant cost and give some tips on how to determine an appropriate amount.

It can cost as little as $100 for a civil ceremony conducted by a Justice of the Peace, notary public or retired judge at your local city hall, county courthouse or park. A professional celebrant or minister may charge $120 to $250 or more, including marriage license fees. Some officiants offer add-on services like ceremony rehearsals, consultations and premarital counseling for an additional fee. They also have business expenses such as marketing, education and phone service.

Hidden Fees to Watch Out for When Hiring a Wedding Officiant

Religious officiants, such as priests, rabbis, and pastors from your church, synagogue or temple, typically ask for donations instead of a flat fee. This is because they are a part of an established house of worship and must cover expenses like travel, equipment, and office space. In some cases, these costs are shared with other members of the congregation. They may also have other responsibilities, such as coordinating with your planner or organizing the rehearsal. Because of these additional duties, it’s a good idea to be upfront with your officiant about what to expect from them and what you want from their services.