Choosing the Local Plasterer Melbourne for your renovation project can be a challenge. However, with a little bit of research, you can find the perfect match. It is also beneficial to familiarise yourself with the fundamentals of plastering. This will enable you to ask intelligent questions of a prospective tradesperson throughout the interview process.

A plasterer is a construction tradesperson who specialises in applying coats of plaster to surfaces, preparing them for painting and decorating. The plasterer uses a wide variety of tools to achieve a smooth, flawless finish, including trowels, floats and hawk boards. They may also apply different textures to walls and ceilings, such as stipple and sand swirls. Plasterers often work on new constructions, extensions and renovations, but they can also restore heritage homes and commercial properties.

Local Plasterer Melbourne: Finding the Best in Your Area

Some plasterers are specialists in ornamental plastering, which involves creating ornate elements like ceiling roses and cornices for Victorian and federation-style houses. Others provide more practical services, such as repairing damaged plaster caused by water or structural movement or adding soundproofing options to new and existing residential homes.

You should choose a reputable contractor who maintains a steady commitment to providing outstanding service. Ask for references from previous clients and look at their portfolios to see their past work. Also, never give in to a contractor’s unreasonable financial demands, especially if it means accepting subpar work. Instead, try to negotiate a price that is fair for both parties. Moreover, you should only pay a contractor if they have passed a background check.