professional lock picking set

Whether you’re an avid lock picker or simply interested in picking locks as a survival skill, having a high-quality professional lock-picking set┬áis essential. A professional lock picking set will include the basics, such as a hook, rake, and tension wrench (or bump key). It may also contain specialty tools for particular locks. Additionally, some of the best professional lock picking sets have specially designed practice locks.

Despite the common misconception that learning to pick locks is a crime-ridden endeavor, this skill can be quite useful in many scenarios. If you’re in an emergency situation, a professional lock picking set can help you get back into your home or car without needing to call a locksmith. Additionally, a professional lock picking set can also be helpful when you’re stuck in a foreign country and don’t speak the language.

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While the OTTOPT 15-piece set isn’t an all-in-one complete kit, it does include all the basic tools needed to quickly open a lock. This includes four hook variants, two rake variations, and a half diamond tool. Plus, it’s designed to fit into a zippered top-grain black leather hip pocket size case.

SouthOrd makes some of the highest-quality lock pick sets on the market, and this set is no exception. This set is the perfect choice for law enforcement professionals, the military, private investigators, and lock picking enthusiasts of all levels. It includes a transparent double-cylinder practice lock and padlock, so you can see your progress, as well as a tension wrench and key to help with the lock removal process.