Global Talent Stream was launched in June this year. Its launch was motivated by the partnership between Canadian Immigration, Deportation and Citizenship Canada (IBEC) and the Employment and Social Development Canada(ESDC). In addition, CIC global talent stream | Vanhack enables foreign working professionals to be committed to enhance diversity in their workplace through… Global talent streams are the brainchild of a team of experts who have dedicated their time and effort in researching and studying the needs and issues of the global population that reside in Canada. Their mission is to develop ways of bringing more people from various countries to Canada. They are looking at issues on the social, economical, as well as safety front of things and how these factors influence the quality of life and decision-making of the newcomers.

How To Start A Business With Global Talent Stream Canada

In order to achieve this, the team of experts have developed a number of innovative strategies. One such strategy is the Global Talent Stream which is targeted at attracting highly-skilled foreign nationals who want to immigrate to Canada under the Federal Economic Program. This stream focuses on providing training and education to foreign professionals who want to live in Canada long-term. In addition, they provide access to programs that help foreign nationals prepare for the new culture and language of Canada while receiving high level of education.

Another way to attract highly-skilled foreign nationals to Canada is by offering them access to the existing and developing economy of Canada. This is achieved through the Employer Sponsored Programs and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. These programs enable eligible foreign workers in Canada to apply for and receive employment permits that allow them to work in Canada long-term according to their chosen employment option. Moreover, temporary foreign workers get to work in Canada under the most advantageous conditions – provided they meet the eligibility criteria. These programs are highly popular with Canadian employers because they are cost-effective and supply jobs to unemployed persons in desperate need of work.