A thermal blanket is a type of emergency blanket that is designed to help you stay warm in the event of a disaster. It is made of a durable insulating mylar material and can be used to keep you safe from hypothermia or shock during an emergency situation.

Do thermal blankets work?

The best thermal blankets are lightweight, soft and comfortable, and most have a machine-washable finish. They are breathable and light enough to fit into all first aid kits and are an essential item for anyone looking for a way to stay warm and protect themselves from hypothermia. Check this out : californiadesignden.com

These are also great for long distance runners after finishing a race to help them regulate their body temperature which will drop quickly. They are also a must-have in any disaster survival kit and can be used to provide emergency shelter for those in need of a place to sleep.

Thermal Blankets for Hospital Use

A thermal blanket can make the difference between keeping a patient comfortable during surgery or dental procedures and making their experience less pleasant. It can also help reduce their stress and improve their overall health and memory.

The ConRad SAR thermal blanket maintains normothermia in a variety of surgical, dental, endoscopic, and imaging (X-ray, CT) procedures while avoiding heat loss. It is designed to protect against signal loss and RF interference while providing a barrier to convective, conductive, and radiant heat loss. It is available in three sizes and is MRI safe.