Wilton food colouring is a popular choice for home bakers. They have a vast range of colours which is very easy to use and can be mixed to create different shades. They also sell pre-made colored icing and frosting if you need to get a specific shade for a special occasion.

The most common food colouring wilton used is liquid gel. It’s made from synthetic colorings and has a water, glycerine and corn syrup base. It’s sold in small dropper bottles and can be added to icing or batter one drop at a time to achieve a desired shade.

Another popular food dye is powdered. This is a dry form of food coloring without any added liquid and can be added directly to dry mixes, mixed with a few drops of clear alcohol or brushed on top as a finishing touch.

This type of dye can be used for many purposes such as tinting a white cake batter a darker shade, decorating cookies and other baked goods and even coloring Easter eggs! However it can also be very drying so it’s important to add a little extra liquid when using it.

There are a lot of other different types of food dye available including natural, powdered and gel. You can find them in most supermarkets and you will probably be able to buy them at a good price.

Synthetic colors are cheaper and last longer than natural ones so they are the most commonly used today. They can be found in a rainbow of colours and are often marketed as being “allergy friendly“. You should be aware that they are derived from petroleum so you should avoid them if you have any allergies to this ingredient.